John Glenn Memorial Expedition 3.0 - Profiting Pioneer!?

Hello again Commanders o7

just an quick post to let you know how well my data went down in Medusa's rock.

So my starting balance was sat at 21,018,104Cr and I have done some repairing and re-stocking too.

After flicking through the pages I calculated that my data was worth 75,087,560Cr (a little shy of the ~82,000,000Cr estimated by ED Discovery). and roughly 700,000Cr was not sellable due to proximity with the system. I made roughly 95,000,000Cr total n sold data so that makes around 20,000,000Cr in first discovery bonuses too. I REALLY love the new discovery payout system. and I have no idea which system made me that 3.2million Cr payout!




John Glenn Memorial Expedition 3.0 - Rocky Landing

Greetings from the beautiful Medusa's Rock asteroid station.

This is the first time I have docked since 20/12/2016, and I have only made planet-fall 4 times since then! Quite a shock to me too. A few jumps out i turned on my shields and had a quick rehearsal of landing with HOTAS in the training missions (and a good thing too!) And docked quite wonderfully in the bustling interior of remote and yet busy base.

My journey since leaving the bubble on 20/12/2016

Progress since 01/10/2017 and my last update on here
As previously stated I have taken a hiatus from the game at the start of the year hence why more than half of my progress has occurred in the last month. 

So, before I dive back into the game and start selling some cartography data here are some stats for you to sink your teeth into; I have scanned:-
  • 298 systems.
  • 3443 individual planets and stars (and one asteroid belt by accident).
  • 41 Water Worlds, 5 Ammonia worlds, 2 Water Giants, 4 Neutron stars, 2 Black holes.
And the first page of cartography data is worth 9 million! So looking forward to seeing what my balance sits at once I have sold it all. 
I don't know exactly how many TFCs I have found on the way here, but I estimate at least one of the systems I have found is worth at least 2 million credits. I'll update once I have finally applied some ship-name decals and had a little down-time in the asteroid base.

A quick shout-out to Commanders Angel_RR, Rukmerot (who's name seems to be on a lot of the local systems here), Horsk, and Ectar Q'Intarn who seem to be of the same cloth, scanning out whole systems where our paths have crossed out here in the black.

Here is some eye-candy for those who like it, including some shots of the nebula as I jumped closer and closer.


John Glenn Memorial Expedition 2.1 - Undiscovered Country

Greetings from Prae Drye JF-J b15-0. 

I am now 198 systems into the tour and about 1/5th of the way into the plotted course which covers roughly half the distance to Colonia. A lot for the systems in my vicinity now are completely undiscovered, so hoping for a lot of first-discovered bonuses when I dock down. According to EDD I'm sat on around 57 million credits worth of data, bearing in mind my last trip of circa 250 systems netted me 38million credits, showing the disparity between the old and new payout system.

I have discovered a host of Water Worlds, and plenty of Candidates for Terraforming, along with some interesting Gas Giants and a single Water Giant and Ammonia World. I still find that Rocky Ice and Gas Giants are amongst the most photogenic and interesting planets. I also realise it has been a while since I touched down and went exploring on a planet, which I need to do to find some heat sink components.

I also found a Black-Hole system where the second one was large enough to display the lensing effect. Asides from that, where I have been navigating using nebula as waypoints I have some beautiful sights to share.

I'm taking a day to myself, and have bookmarked some adjacent systems to check out before continuing on. Here's hoping for an Earth like world soon, and if not then at least more beautiful sights.