John Glenn Memorial Expedition 0.5 - Detour

Greetings from the vicinity of BD+22 3878 at the Bell Nebula o/

detours are for winners.
As you can see my course(red) is slightly off from the initial charted course (green) already, but what's a few hundred light-years between here and there?

11 jumps and 481ly into my journey and I found my first entirely undiscovered system; sadly it was a solitary L-class dwarf star.

I found some (previously discovered) CIV gas giants in HIP 102051 if anyone wants to see some larger iterations of these planets with distinctly banded cloud boundaries.

A few jumps along my detour I found some (previously discovered) candidate for terraforming planets (CTF) a high metal content (HMC) and water world (WW) in Pru Euq HA-A d87.

And then in Pru Euq GA-A d76, the B star has some very interesting, small, and landable HMC worlds. I make a not of them because they have between 0.04 and 0.07G, so low that when they formed the gravity was not quite strong enough to pull their material into a sphere, giving them noticeably distinct shapes as you can see...

I found an undiscovered metal rich (MR) world a few systems later and set down to top up on Vanadium, ensuring I could synthesize some AFMU refills if needed.

Little did I know I had by chance put down almost right next to a downed navigation beacon!

With my detour to the Dumbell nebula in mind, I had covered 1009.41ly on entering the 'Dumbell Sector' systems. 

My final jump into the nebula system was 45.8ly and it looked tiny.

nearly dead centre, just below the Milky Way

I was unsurprised to find that the system has been scanned out, but it was worth the detour, space being tinged the distinct blue of ionised oxygen.

I then saw something I have not come across before in all my meanderings, a target called 'WATERSIDE VIEW' so I throttled back and dropped out of FSD...

A wild tourist beacon appears!
The above photo was taken AFTER crashing into said beacon, with my shields down, which cost me 25% of my hull. fortunately there was no module damage so I am happy to carry on, and now know not to play boop the Asp with beacons. there were a couple of NPC Beluga liners in the area, I guess you have to go a little further to escape civilisation nowadays.

After having my fill of the system I jumped out to Dumbell Sector GW-W c1-2, around 6-7ly away and outside of the nebula to try for some better shots at the nebula.

So beautiful, and in the scale of things in the Milky Way, so small...

anyway it is now back to the plan and I am making my way to the Veil Nebula West.

that way ^

From my current location I only have 468.34ly to cover until I arrive at my target system near the western Veil Nebula. 

As you might be able to pick out from the above image, there is a knot of systems near the Dumbell nebula. I have decided every ~1000ly I am going to explore a random 10-15 systems near the route star just to bump up my systems visited and on the off chance I can find something new.

Finally, I just want to make a shout out to the commanders in who's path I am following, having come across systems fully explored by the following pioneers:
  • Boomtown
  • Ventural
  • Warhawker
  • Apollo Ablestar
On the other hand there are some systems I have been through with three commanders names on planet, and still some scanning to do! however I'm not here to name and shame, only to share the adventure.

Asides from scraping my ship along a tourist beacon taking me down to 75% hull, I have experienced no other damage, all modules and consumables are at 100%

Onwards to the Veil nebula o7


The John Glenn Memorial Expedition 0.1 - Itinerary and First Post

After having a good look around and trying to find ideas and inspirations I felt it would be appropriate to commemorate the recent passing of a great man, an other explorer and pioneer, the late John Glenn, the first USA Astronaut to orbit the Earth.

I have designed a 5 POI initial itinerary which will take me around 12,000 ly away from my home system of HIP 28122, and roughly half-way to Colonia.

The 5 POIs (points of interest) are as follows:
  1. HD 201839
  2. Crescent Sector GW-W C1-10 (inside the Crescent nebula)
  3. NGC 6820 Sector FB-X C1-37 (inside the NGC 6820 nebula)
  4. Traikeou KO-E C13-0 (inside the AA-A H2 nebula)
  5. Prai Hypoo SX-B D19 (inside the Prai Hypoo AA-A H60 nebula)
With various systems as sub-points to enable route planning within the galaxy map.

As Stated the straight-line distance is 12331.73 ly, with approximately 336 jumps between start and finish. With the kinks in the route, my calculated travel distance becomes 15632.23 ly.  I will be taking many detours after distancing myself from  the bubble to investigate any interesting features convenient to the route such as O-type or exotic stars, and planetary nebula.

The route follows along the Orion arm of the Milky Way, beginning from the bubble and skirting the outer-edge before cutting across around half-way to skirt the inner edge towards the core area.

On reaching the Prai Hypoo AA-A H60 nebula I will assess options to continue my exploration depending on the state of 'A Ship With a View'. Current ideas are to explore the multiple occlusion nebula haloing the galactic core and slowly making my way to Colonia or a refuelling station, then on to Sag A* or Beagle point. I have no doubt I will find many wonderful things to distract me along the way and look forward to sharing them with you.

--Docking clamps released--

CMDR Iniaes signing off o7


The Fleet - Money Makes the Coriolis go Round.

So over the weekend I have re-invested some of my hard-earned credits into a few ships. I have, for now, based myself in HIP 28122 where there is a pristine metallic ring. I have tried out mining, as well as various RES sites I have claimed some bounties from. It is an Extraction economy a few jumps from a well-stocked High-Tech economy system which has quickly enabled me to optimise my fits.

So on to the ships, but first an in memoriam for my retired Cobra III, the 'Stranger Here Myself II'.

After hundreds of hours and 7500Ly she was a little tattered.

After a re-spray, and wearing the Ranger rank she earned for me.
 After the untimely demise of her predecessor, 'Stranger' 2' has made me millionsand deserved a ltitle TLC before being sold on to make room for her successors. God speed sweet ship o7

And then there Were Three

So the first thing I invested in was a Lakon Asp Explorer, and proceeded to skip from system-to-system to find the modules I wanted.

 the good ship 'A Ship with a view'

After questing out a few high-tech economy systems I popped to Deciat to see Verity and do some engineering, only to find I needed some wake scan data. Thus ensued the quest for a Frame-Shift Wake Scanner and much loitering outside a local Orbis Starport.

After chasing down a clutch of FSD wakes I had the data I needed and docked again at Deciat (after bouncing the landing gear off the planet's surface and depositing 25% of my hull integrity).

And the surface-exploration SRV - 'Nervous Energy'
After selling 5-7 million credits of data to her research group I had quickly unlocked the grade-5 FSD upgrade and had some very lucky rolls. After 3 attempts I had an almost perfect optimal mass roll and the worst negative was a 29% increase in mass. I also rolled a grade-1 power plant upgrade for increased integrity. 

Click here for coriolis pre-engineered stats.

Click here for coriolis post-engineered stats.

Next we have my Lakon Type-6 transporter, the 'Charitable view'. I have outfitted her for mining and she has already made me a few million, Painite is paydirt boys and girls (especially when the system you mine it in is buying for 73,000cr with the galactic average at circa 43,000cr). 

You can see my module loadout at coriolis here.

And finally we have my first real foray into armed interactions (with NPCs so far). It took me a while to find a loadout that fit me and the ship in equal parts, I present to you the 'Frank Exchange of views'.

Requires more Dakka!

D-I-S-C-O lights!
I have only had to rebuy this ship once due to not realising I had accrued wanted status in a system. Station security were very efficient, but all that happened was I ended up in the station I was flying to and paying around 350,000cr for the convenience. Again she has made me a few million in bounties and combat bonds.

I arrived in the Viper MkIV after playing with fits in the MkIII I decided to move into the 4 for more power to play with, and better survivability whilst only sacrificing a modicum of the (middling) maneuverability and making myself a slightly bigger target. I can still dodge and weave between railgun shots from Eagles and the occasional Vulture. her set-up can be seen on coriolis here.

So these are the new members of my fledgling fleet of ships, and despite having an overwhelming urge to head out in 'A Ship with a View' I am trying to keep in the bubble for now, and see what goodness comes from engineering after the commodities are removed with the new year update. 

The plan is to get my cash reserves up to 30mill cr (currently sat at around 21mill), and start planning an itinerary for my a big expedition. I may investigate the bok-globules clockwise from the bubble, or head away from the core and see what planetary nebula I can find for those precious screen-shot worth moments I crave.

A compendium of Useful and Interesting Apps and Sites.

So as an explorer there are a couple of indispensable applications I highly recommend (and have no doubt mentioned before).

Captain's Log

The first is Captains Log by ScaryGlider, available versions are 1.4.3 and the beta - V2.0.0 Beta 6. 

1.4.3 uses legacy verbose logging to track your current system, then you can input the stellar bodies, planets, and moons. The App will then use a pre-populated (editable) table of min/max values to estimate the upper and lower values of the exploration data you have accrued. From my last exploration-run I'm assuming this value does not take into account the 'finders fee' bonus you receive for being the first to discover a body or system. It also has an overview window allowing you to see how many of what bodies you have scanned, system-travel history.

2.0.0 Uses the new journal files to track your in-game travel activities and supplies an in-game dashboard/overhead. It displays the distance from Sol, distance travelled between systems for starters. It also displays a graphical representation of what type of planet was last scanned, along with the materials available on it if landable, geographical features if present. Also for landable planet's it lists the materials available on the planet's surface (last scanned), G-rating. Finally it also shows what AFMU refill and FSD boosts can be synthesised with the planetary materials available in the system.

Both have a DB management window so you can split up trips and routes. They also both have image conversion sub-routines for managing and organising screenshots.

I am looking forward to the data credit values being integrated into the beta, until then filling in the system data gives me something to do between planets, I do like numbers and stats.

Elite: Dangerous - Discovery

EDD is another excellent companion application for ED Explorers. Previous versions relied on manual trilateration and legacy verbose logging, however now it makes full use of the journal files. 

It allows you to see 2D and 3D maps of your travel history, plot routes beyond the capability of the Galaxy map, along with viewing detailed body statistics without having to use the galaxy or system maps.It can filter and display any information from the journal files including exploration and travel, ship and module sale/acquisition and trade history.

It also has an inbuilt screenshot manager like Captain's Log with similar functionality.

If you have an EDSM account you can use your  API key to automatically upload your travel data from the Journal to EDSM an update your data there.

All 3 of the above will tell you if an updated version is available on startup (CL beta will tell you 1.4.3 is the new version, you will need to check the site for new beta versions for now).


Inara is the site for ED pilots regardless of preferred play style.  It allows for you to log your ships, share your exploits, see where to find engineers and what resources you need for their upgrades. It is the go-to source for in-game market data for traders, and the whereabouts for modules and upgrades for those of us who are looking for particular upgrades for their ships. It has a nice social side in the journal and discussions areas too where you can interact with fellow commanders.


Coriolis is more than a starbase type. The most recent version allows for you to investigate possible ships fits and the subsequent stats including engineer upgrades, save, compare, and even share them. The data output can be used on sites like Inara to automatically populate your ships fittings.

The site is maintained and updated regularly to keep up with ED releases.

So that's it for now from me, I hope you find something here that proves interesting, useful or maybe even both.


Surprisingly Lucrative Information.

So I made it back from the permit bubble towards Barnard's Loop a few days ago and have been reaping the benefits of my exploration data over the last few days. But before i extol the virtues of fiscal solvency it is time to run some numbers.

I have posthumously named the expedition'Falling Skies' in honour of the ship which done pretty much that. the initial aim was to re-scan the high-value systems already visited.

The path traveled, from ED discovery, beginning at the top and ending with the return to the bubble at the bottom.
As you can see I charted a rather convoluted path between systems with main-sequence stars around the 'bubble' side of the permit-only zone. The screenshots from the galaxy map below don't really do justice to the shape of the area but highlights how thorough I have been in visiting stars in the area. the intention was not to visit any point in particular, however I did insist on exploring the boundary of the permit-only bubble. I decided on the somewhat ambiguous sum of 20,000,000cr as my data value goal knowing that would equipe me with a very capable ASP Explorer on my return.

So, with somewhere around 530 systems explored fully since I pancaked my previous Cobra mkIII, using Captains Log by Scary Glider, I estimated the data value between 20,500,000 and 33,500,000cr giving a mean value of 38,000 to 63,000cr a system. I am glad to report that I was pleasantly surprised to earn a phenomenal 38,000,000cr for my data, most likely courtesy of all the first discovery bonuses.

I divided up the data between George Pantazis system (for the mug), and the glorious Felicity Farseer in Deciat unlocking grade-5 FSD upgrades with 5-7 million credits worth of cartography data.

More importantly whilst selling the data I heard a few messages come in, mostly to do with status and standing changes. the most important thing I have acquired recently though is the Rank of Pathfinder, with another small trip like this away from Pioneer.

Below are some screens of the two Earth-Like worlds I have discovered, as well as a fantastic ring system I have found (along with an incredible moon set.

Synuefe ER-T d4-18 C 6 - Discovered by CMDR Iniaes

Synuefe PD-O C8-0 B 5 - ELW discovered by CMDR Iniaes

I'm not sure if the C Ring is a record breaker, but it is huge, especially for a platet rather than a stellar ring system.
hundreds of light seconds across.
For aspiring explorers I emplore you to just go, do it! You don not need to go very far to find something never seen before and to claim it as your own, I have spend hundreds of yours cruising between heavenly bodies in thi sgame and am still struck silent by the beautiful worlds and galaxy Frontier have provided us to explore, now go and make it yours o7